Bringing individualized Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) education to students.

What We Do

AiTudier uses patented technology to teach EECS to students! Over a semester-length course, students will design 3 IoT projects and learn critical concepts which will help them succeed at programs like CMU and Berkeley EECS.


Unique aspects of the AiTudier software

EECS Curriculum

Curriculum based on C++ coding language and IoT microcontrollers. Prepares students for success in college courses starting with AP Computer Science A.

Custom IoT Project Creation

Using our patent-pending AI-powered custom IoT project generator, students are able to create unique projects on topics that align with their interests.

World's First Browser IoT IDE

Innovating upon the traditional IDE, we have created a completely download-free IoT IDE. Students are able to write and upload code to their microcontrollers over the air.

Drag & Drop Circuit Simulator

Circuit simulator to debug and test circuitry before physically wiring the IoT device. Allows students to be more efficient and less frustrated when building projects.

Student Attention Retention

Checkpoints during video lectures ensure student knowledge retention. If a checkpoint is failed, the student needs to re-watch the tested section, ensuring maximum understanding.

Parent Progress Tracker

Easy to access progress tracker for parents to keep track of student success. Simple dashboard displays key performance indicators like grades, improvement, and activity.


Created by students at North America's top universities


Pre-sale prices. Access platform on September 15th.

Basic Membership

$120 240 USD

  • 1 semester long course
  • IoT Kit worth $50 included
  • Access patented technologies


Premier Membership

$150 300 USD

  • All basic benefits
  • Unlocked student forum
  • Parent progress tracker
  • Guaranteed support

Exclusive Membership

$210 420 USD

  • All basic and premier perks
  • FutureIvy Group for parent advice
  • College counseling session with Ivy League student counselor